Welcome to the school of music of Lésigny

Its goals

Train instrumentalists amateur musicians
Develop musical culture among children, adolescents and adults
Raise awareness of different musical aesthetic: Classic, traditional, pop, rock, jazz
Promote meetings between musicians around common projects
Stream music at Lésigny through different events proposed by the school or the community and interact with local associations.


Musical garden for children on average section, kindergarten and CP
Varied and adapted to each age group program
-body percussion
-exploration of the voice
-discovery of the instruments
-handling of small percussion
Its purpose is to promote concentration, exchanging, listening to others, the placement of the voice, acquiring a pulse

From the Ce1, instrumental introductory course allows you to learn about the practice of an individual current instrument (20 minutes/child and 30 minutes/adult)
It also includes a complementary vocal workshop (for children) to introduce children to the collective practice

In the second year of instrumental practice, the weekly course of 30 or 45 minutes according to the needs of the musician, is accompanied by a collective practice of 45 minutes (instrumental workshops or training musical choice)

The instruments proposed

-child vocal workshop - music current (7-10 years)
-Workshop vocal teen - music current (10-15 years)
-current song / lyric song
-Choir Mosaic (adult choir)

Each player has access to the different instrumental tutorials posted by the school throughout his career
Each player can participate in a group workshop in his second instrumental year (in groups of 6 to 8 musicians)

Le Programme 2019-2020

Actualités nov.2019


Samedi 30 novembre 20h00

Salle Magnolia
(27, rue de Villarceau)

Dîner - Concert  animé par les musiciens de l'EML.

Renseignements et Inscriptions :
Tél : 07 66 09 66 02

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Classique, Variété, Pop...

Répétitions avec Isabelle
le mardi 20h-21h30

Renseignements et Inscriptions :
Tél : 07 66 09 66 02

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