The disciplines taught

11 teachers are active at school and are currently teaching the following disciplines:

1) instruments(currently practices)

Violin, Viola, cello, drums, guitar, electric guitar, Flute, Saxophone, trumpet, Piano, accordion, singing ongoing individual with accompaniment piano and choir.

2) musical training

2 courses are available:

  • short cycle in 2 years: brings the essential bases for the practice of the chosen instrument.
  • long cycle over 6 years: for a very high level amateur training.

Small percussion workshop: to acquire the sense of rhythm and for group play.

3) Garden Musical for children 4 and 5 years

The program is varied and adapted to each age group: self-expression, exploration of the voice, discovered instruments, manipulation of small percussion (maracas, tambourines, triangles, chimes,...).

Markets, childish rounds, movements... Here everything is rhythm. Singing allows to work the voice but also to discover and identify different rhythmic modes. Group games allow children to become familiar with the basics of stamp, height, duration, silence,...

The musical garden contributes to the socialization of the child and to his personal development. Indeed each activity requires concentration, and is an invitation to trade, to the concerted action, at listening to others.

Children are acquainted with the different instruments of the Orchestra from stories and active listening of works, allowing them time to choose which one they want to practice.

4) class of discovery to 6 years

Individual introduction to the instrument and supplementary musical workshop practice: concepts of music theory, rhythm and song.


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